19 September 2012

Prinsjesdag 2012

It’s Prinsjesdag time! That’s the annual Budget Day in the Netherlands, where Queen Beatrix visits Parliament and gives a speech from the throne, and she and her kin bust out their gloriously old fashioned daywear and a little dose of day bling. It's morning coat or uniform for the men, and long dresses plus orders and hats for the royal ladies (no tiaras, because we're still in the daytime) - a once popular royal dress code that faded away decades ago, but is still kicking once a year in the Netherlands. Bless.

Best in Froof
Queen Beatrix
I simply don’t know anyone else that would wear a big ol’ lace dress and top it with a feather duster. Nor do I know anyone else that could pull it off, so props to the Queen Bea.

Best in Color
Princess Máxima
You’d think it’d be hard to detract from Beatrix in her all her froofy glory, or the gold coach, or the uniformed prince at her side – but no. Leave it to Máx. Interestingly, she's not sporting a new dress this year, but a repeat from last year's state visit to Qatar. (On the sparkle front, note that both Beatrix and Máxima are sporting multiple diamond stars. Also note that Beatrix is sporting even more of them than Máxima is, because Máx may be the brightly dressed magpie, but Bea is Da Queen.)

Best Dress
Princess Laurentien
Out of them all, Laurentien’s dress is the one I like the best. (I know, I can't believe it either.) The color is the perfect background for her riband, and the cut is simple but effective with its sleeve detail and asymmetrical skirt fabrics. And it does have that little touch of Laurentien quirk in the back, with the connecting sleeves. I could do without the flower on her head positioned so as to act like a pirate’s eye patch in certain photos, but you know. You win some, you lose some.

Best in Class
Princess Margriet
What can you say? Margriet – Queen Beatrix’s sister – is well turned out as always. Not loud, not attention grabbing, just classy.

Best in Gents
Pieter van Vollenhoven
Left to right: Prince Constantijn, Pieter van Vollenhoven, Prince Willem-Alexander
First of all, it must be said that it is practically impossible for the men to go wrong with this dress code, and they all look dashing as can be. Despite my weakness for a good uniform, I've got to give this one to Margriet's husband, Professor Pieter. He's got a little orange pocket square! Adorable.

Who’s your Prinsjesdag favorite this year?

Photos: Getty Images/PPE/DutchPhotoPress/Bauer Griffin