12 September 2012

Royal Trip Report: The Cambridges in Asia, Part One

It's happening: William and Catherine have set out upon their yearly Grand Adventure. (I don’t know if you’ve heard...people might be just a leeeetle bit excited. Ahem.) (No judgments, mind you.) They will hit Singapore, Malaysia, the Solomon Islands, and Tuvalu before they head home, and we’ll be checking in with them periodically via our new Royal Trip Report feature. Let’s hit it:

Day 1: Arrival in Singapore and a visit to examine an orchid named for the late Diana, plus one named for them
To everyone who said she should switch up those ubiquitous nude LK Bennett shoes: she also has LK Bennetts in off white which is basically slightly lighter nude, guys. SHE SHOWED YOU. Bahaha.
The dress print; her clutch and those fascinating shoes
Anyhoo, on to the dress. Hand painted orchids on custom Jenny Packham, because of the orchids and all. Lovely but not my favorite. That's okay, because there are better things to come.

Day 1: State dinner hosted by the President of Singapore
Better things like this, for one. But first, let's handle the disappointment: I'm afraid it's time we all learned that "state dinner" doesn't necessarily mean white tie and tiaras. Facts are disappointing.
The dress, plus her diamond bracelet and black clutch
Fortunately, I never expected a tiara event, so that leaves me open to throw up the jumpy claps for this lil’ number. This dress is fantastic! Firstly, it is PURPLE. Secondly, it is groovy. And thirdly, it’s from Prabal Gurung who was born in Singapore. CONNECTIONS. Boom. I hope this gets worn again and doesn’t disappear into the Land of Worn Once Upon A Time.

Day 2:  Visiting Gardens by the Bay and the Rolls Royce plant
Day 2 started off with an Alexander McQueen suit (well, you know how it goes, it's really Sarah Burton for the Duchess of Cambridge and not so much "McQueen") in white broderie anglaise paired with her giant navy wedge shoes.
Rocking the safety goggles as is her royal duty to do, a look at the fabric, sapphire earrings, and those Stuart Weitzman wedges
The wedges, I'm afraid, are a particularly clunky end to this light and bright outfit. I'm not anti-wedge on principle, mind you, but it's all about styling. Anyway, at the Rolls Royce plant she was tasked with finished off the plant's first airplane engine by pushing in the last blade. Upon successful completion she flexed her muscles for the crowd, and that's adorable, so all dodgy shoe choices are forgiven.

We’ll pick back up with the rest of Day 2 and onwards on Friday. How do you think the Duchess is doing so far, sartorially speaking?  

Photos: Getty Images/Reuters Pool