17 September 2012

Royal Trip Report: The Cambridges in Asia, Part 3

We're picking back up on day 4, still in Malaysia (I can barely figure out what days and what countries these things are happening on and in, I can't imagine how fuzzy these two must be by now)...

Day 4: Tea party at the British High Commissioner's residence in Kuala Lumpur, followed by travel to Sabah
The Duke and Duchess soldiered on in spite of all the...uh...stuff going on, with Kate in a custom version of this Alice Temperley dress. Fancy hair alert: she's upped her updo with added pearl decorations.

Day 5: Visiting the Danum Valley rainforest
Jungle chic, I suppose? Anyway, from there it was back in dresses for the flight to the Solomon Islands and more new outfits.

Day 6: Arriving in the Solomon Islands and attending a thanksgiving service for the Queen, followed by an island feast in the evening
Loving the island dress for the evening, which was an official gift and which she decided to wear just a bit before departing. Spontaneity suits her, and the wedges work perfectly.
Jonathan Saunders dress and accessories; the evening print and shoes
As for the day outfit, I've been waiting for her to wear Jonathan Saunders and I'm not disappointed. It's cute, with a touch of retro, though I must confess it's hard to focus on the outfit when they're traveling in a truck/boat/thingy. That's the way to travel, I'm telling you.

We'll pick back up on day 7 later this week.

Photos: Getty Images/Harrods/Net-a-porter