20 September 2012

Royal Trip Report: The Cambridges in Asia, Part 4

Here we go again! This is our final installment of Cambridge trip fun. Take a look back if you like:

The trip’s over now, and they seem to have saved the best stuff for last. Dancing royals, coming atcha…

Day 7: Events in Honiara in the Solomon Islands
Sunshine yellow! And here we have a textbook example of why royals are great in bright colors: you can pick them out of a grass skirt line up, no problem.
Her Jaeger dress, and the necklace she was given
Even looks good with a floral headdress and a Princess Kate necklace. Perfect.

Day 7: Still in the Solomon Islands, en route to a private island for some down time
And then the couple switched roles, and she let William’s shirt be the guiding light.
Her Mulberry dress, with a look at the fabric and the necklace she was given
I even like the wedges with this one, so there.

Day 8: Leaving the Solomon Islands and arriving in Tuvalu for an evening of fun. Warning: this video contains royal dance moves, which you will find either adorable or embarrassing – definitely one of the two. You’ve been warned.
She’s amassing quite the collection of the little yellow dresses, isn’t she? There’s the one above, this one (by an “independent dressmaker”), plus the Jenny Packham spotted on the last tour. Of the three…this is definitely my least favorite. Nevertheless, it’s not a bad backdrop for her Island Queen for the Day accessories!
The evening dress and personalized fan, plus daytime accessories
Would never in a million years have picked this Alice by Temperley gown for the evening off a rack for her, but it works. It works perfectly, in fact. That Cathleen, she’s so clever.

Day 9: Leaving Tuvalu for home, with a stop at the Brisbane Airport
I say we officially dub this the trip of the shirt sort of dress, or the trip of the full-ish skirted dress. We can work on the name.
Her Project D dress for the farewell, and the more comfortable outfit seen in Brisbane
And that's that, the biggest dose of Cambridge you'll get all year. Big decision time now:

What was your favorite outfit from the Duchess this trip?

Photos: Jaeger/Mulberry/Net-a-porter/Bauer Griffin/Getty Images/Brisbane Airport