21 September 2012

Royal Trip Report: The Danes in Brazil (Updated)

Crown Prince Frederik and Crown Princess Mary have been on an official visit to Brazil, visiting Sao Paolo and Rio de Janeiro this week. They are there to promote Denmark and strengthen business ties, and they have a whole delegation with them. Luckily for us, Mary also has a whole wealth of outfits for our frivolous enjoyment.

 Day 1: Visiting an exhibit, the Scandinavian Church, and a reception
This is so light and fresh! And that's saying something when a coat (basically) is involved - many would have stopped at the blue Prada underneath. Makes me wish for summer, even though it's fall in my corner of the globe, and I love me some sweaters. That's my typically long-winded way of saying: I like it.

Day 2: Visiting a center for abused women, followed by a dinner in the evening
Note that her purple accents match the purple gates of the center she's visiting, and note that if you need me I'll be out buying purple paint...and a gate of some sort. (I can't believe my own humble abode isn't already guarded with purple, it's a terrible oversight on my part.) (My nonsense mutterings are just going to continue on, you've been warned.) She's dipping into the design world of Alberta Ferretti here on both accounts, and I would tell you here that I wish royal ladies would wear Ferretti more often, but that's a funny statement to make when the bronze dress has already been worn twice - are you feeling the déjà vu? Princess Beatrice wore it to the Olympics Opening Ceremony.

Day 3: Visiting a hospital, an institute for the blind, and an exhibition, followed by a reception in the evening
There's a lot of furniture involved in these visits. They're forever opening a chair exhibition of some sort, or something else about Danish design. I think the sitting portion of the job is the one I'd be really good at. (Helps when you have hunky assistance when the sitting portion of the job is over.) ANYWAY...quite a contrast in outfits here: light and airy, and then sort of dark and choking.

Day 4: Visiting a youth center, a university, an exhibit opening, and an evening reception
Is it an option to have your hair done by Mary's hairdresser instead of Mary herself? Let me be clear: I'd say yes either way. Beyond that, these are two good dresses, and I continue to be intrigued by Mary's varied use of that statement white belt.

Day 5: Visiting a breastfeeding project, and then meeting with the Brazilian Olympic Committee

Mary and Frederik leave Brazil today, hopefully before she has a chance to bust out any more printed jumpsuits. As you may be able to tell from my pointless non-sartorial musings in this post, I found it a serviceable if not thrilling trip from the wardrobe front (though we shall see what, if anything, else it brings before she boards the plane for home). But still, I shall ask you:

Which is your favorite Brazil outfit?

UPDATE: The remainder of the outfits from the trip...

Day 5: Dinner
MUCH better on the print front. Yes. Flowy, as close to an evening gown as you can get while remaining out of black tie territory.

Day 6: Final engagements
This has been an acceptable recovery from the first day 5 outfit. Let's all forget it ever happened...

Photos: SN/Terra/BilledBladet/Reuters/Agencia Minas