18 September 2012

Weekly Royal Fashion Awards: September 9-15

Time to catch up on our non-touring ladies from last week. Turns out...tours are way more interesting. Nevertheless...

Best in Mimicry
Princess Letizia
Attending an employment workshop; presenting the V de Vida Awards; taking the infantas to their first day of school
See, I thought she’d just been waylaid on her way to a tennis match with outfit #2 there, but clearly she was just showing some sweaters-n'-skirts school solidarity with the girls.

By the way, Letizia just turned 40, and some lovely new portraits were released for the occasion.

Best in White
Crown Princess Mary
Visiting Malta for the WHO Regional Committee meeting; a meeting with her Mary Foundation
White and white, done and done. Nice touch with the necklace at the Mary Foundation meeting – it’s the foundation’s logo. Mary and Frederik have now set off for a visit to Brazil, and we’ll be following that with trip reports as it goes on.

Worst in Shoes
Princess Máxima
Opening a visitor’s center for the Dunea company
See, Kate’s not the only one that gets a wedge-shaped frowny face from me from time to time. 

Best in Specs
Crown Princess Mette-Marit
Opening the Dangerous Waste conference; christening a ship in Bergen and opening the Oslo Book Festival
In which no one is surprised to learn that she loves an oversized face accessory.

Who wins last week for you?

Photos: Getty Images/Kongehuset/DutchPhotoPress