15 October 2012

Gold Star: Elena's Chic National Day

Everyone turns it up for National Day in Spain, as well they should. The gents never go wrong with their uniforms, and Queen Sofia doesn’t usually go wrong with her own version of the uniform, in one of her army of ladylike skirt suits. Princess Letizia brought her A game in tweed with a little lacy detail on the top. I hardly ever notice her jewelry because she uses it so sparingly, but the earrings (dangling, with pearls) are a fantastic complement here.

And look at Infanta Elena. Wait, let me rephrase that: LOOK AT ELENA.
In Oscar de la Renta, a designer she's worn previously and her mother wears often
I died from the chic. This blog is coming to you from the afterlife. Now, I know she has a closet full of high-end designers and couture cultivated during her years of marriage to a man with an eye for fashion, but she also enjoys shopping at the Crazy Town Mall. You just never know with her. But this is…divine. The retro silhouette with a touch of fur for luxury, the delicate slingbacks, the hair. (The hair!) Stop it, my hands hurt from the jumpy claps. A gold star is the perfect accessory here, don’t you think?

Photos: Getty Images/PPE/Abaca/Style.com