02 October 2012

New Top 10 List: Your Top Royal Wedding Gowns

As I write this, we are fast approaching this year’s Big Royal Wedding in Luxembourg (October 19th and 20th, don't tell me your calendars aren't already marked). To get us in the proper frame of mind, I have for you a new countdown with the results of my last informal and utterly unscientific poll of you kids: What are the best royal wedding gowns?

Some of you took me up on my challenge to determine what really constituted the best royal wedding gown: is it timeless? Does it feature family history? Is it unique? Well suited to the bride? Some other X factor? Others didn’t, selecting instead their personal favorites, or things they themselves would love to wear. Some dresses received nods on the basis of obvious overwhelming happiness or a sweet love story, and that’s okay too – if it makes you smile, that’s worth something.

I tallied everything up no matter what the reasoning, so this is 100% your list. In the end, I really enjoyed the mix of reactions, and I think it’s given us a good list: these gowns sit squarely in the middle of logic and affection, and that feels right.