11 October 2012

Random Royal Appreciation: Tiaras, Finally

Ugh, I've been feeling so tiara-deprived these past few months. You know, actual multiple tiara events and all that. Luckily, state visit season has once again come around, and we're back in business. The Norwegian royal family welcomed the President of Finland and his wife for a state visit yesterday and the gala dinner provided a much-needed diadem fix.
For Queen Sonja, a nice airing of Queen Josephine's Diamond Tiara - lovely as it is, she doesn't seem to like this one as much as she likes her major emerald tiara, so a sighting always gets jumpy claps from me. She paired it with a repeated white gown which I vastly prefer to some of her larger and louder dresses.
And for Mette-Marit, to top another repeated gown, her regularly repeated Diamond Daisy Tiara. Much as this one suits her, seeing it always makes me wish she had another. Or - wait, because she does have another - that she'd give that one a chance every now and then. (Give me what I want, and still I shall complain. I'm charming like that.)

Photos: Siste/ANB/Lehtikuva