19 October 2012

Royal Fashion Awards: The Civil Wedding in Luxembourg

Are we ready for some royal/grand ducal wedding fun, or what?! Guillaume of Luxembourg is marrying Countess Stéphanie de Lannoy: civil wedding and dinner today, religious wedding tomorrow. We begin with the civil wedding, with royal attendance limited to family for now.

Best in Bride
Princess Stéphanie
Guillaume and Stéphanie had an engagement this morning, for which Stéphanie sported I Dream of Jeannie hair and divine deep wine Diane von Furstenberg. For the civil wedding, she wore ivory Chanel. I'm loving the clothes and wishing I could fuss with the accessories, but I liked her gleeful, crowd-friendly attitude best of all anyway.

Best in Guests
Grand Duchess Maria Teresa
Maria Teresa's wearing Natan for the wedding, but you just knew she'd sneak in some Elie Saab somewhere (that's my girl!). This is stunning, this ornamented gold coat and dress, and that's why I love her in Saab.

Best Try 
Princess Alexandra
Left to right: Princess Alexandra, Princess Tessy
Not exactly the right cut for Alexandra in that Dior, and a bit of a dull color and shape for Tessy in her Ralph Lauren. I'm going with Alex for the win, as I just can't quite make amends with the business suit jacket on Tessy. But bless their hearts, they tried to shake it up a bit for the occasion.

And that was just a taste, just an appetizer for what's to come. Next up is the pre-wedding dinner (and yes, there were tiaras). Stay tuned...

Photos: RTL/Getty Images