22 October 2012

Royal Trip Report: The Belgians in Turkey

Last week, before scooting over to Luxembourg for the big royal wedding, Philippe and Mathilde visited Turkey on an economic mission for Belgium. And there was some fabulousness, and some averageness, and some orangeness.

Day 1 arrival; Day 2
Orangeness. I really think if she went a week without wearing orange, I wouldn’t recognize her. (Can you tell it’s just not my favorite color? But it seems to be hers, so fair enough.) Note Phillipe’s tie: the couple that matches together stays together, apparently.

Day 4, in Dries Van Noten

Averageness. This is a totally typical Mathilde silhouette, but with an un-typical print. Innnnteresting…and just a touch psychedelic, like if you look too long you’ll be sucked through the vortex. We should move on, just in case.

A concert on Day 3; more events on Day 2 in Zara
Fabulousness. First, the purple. It’s PURPLE, do I need to expound? I do not. And then the white, which might just be my favorite Mathilde outfit of the year. I love her in pure white, and I’m loving the shaping. I gather she received the necklace as a gift while there, but it works perfectly too. Jumpy claps!