25 October 2012

Tiara Thursday: The Lannoy Tiara

We touched on the tiara worn at the royal wedding over the weekend, but we’ll put it in Tiara Thursday form just because. And we’ll have two Tiara Thursdays today because I’m still riding my tiara high, and I figured you lot wouldn’t mind.
The Lannoy family tiara is made of platinum and diamonds, 270 old-cut brilliants to be exact. The scrolling natural design includes a few feature stones: a set of larger brilliants, and a large pear shape diamond inverted at the top of the tall center. The design is outlined in tiny platinum gilded pearls. It was made by Altenloh in Brussels, a silversmith and jeweler and former court jeweler to the Belgian royal family.
Center detail and the tiara in use from the front (top) and back (bottom)
This was Countess Stéphanie de Lannoy’s tiara of choice for her wedding to the Hereditary Grand Duke of Luxembourg. Other brides to wear the tiara include Stéphanie’s sisters and sisters-in-law, so she was certainly following in the family tradition. It’s a petite tiara in spite of the large stones it includes, and the size plus the platinum setting must make it a fairly light piece to wear – always a plus on a long wedding day.
Stéphanie on her wedding day
It remains to be seen if Stéphanie, as Hereditary Grand Duchess and eventually Grand Duchess of Luxembourg, will ever wear this tiara again, or if she’ll stick strictly to Luxembourg royal tiaras from now on. If she does wear this one again, I hope she’ll consider anchoring it down a little bit better…
Oops...the tiara flies up while leaving the cathedral
Was this the tiara you were hoping to see on Stéphanie on her wedding day, or were you hoping for another?

Photos: Cour Grand Ducale/Vic Fischbach/Getty Images