29 October 2012

Tiara Watch: In Denmark and Norway and the Netherlands, Oh My!

When it rains, it pours! So long we were in a tiara drought, and now the royal world is just lousy with the things. Oh, why can’t it be like this all the time…

The Danish royal family welcomed the President of Slovakia for a state visit last week, which naturally included a glittering state banquet. Crown Princess Mary wore her wedding tiara with the pearl option, along with her fabulous aquamarines. I wondered if she’d use the pearl option to showcase some of the great pearl jewels she has, and sure enough – she’s on it! I also love this older Kenth Fredin gown, which seems swishy in all the right ways.
Princess Marie showed up in one of those gowns that always seems to be fresh off the homecoming dance sale rack – though her usual diamond floral tiara does seem a tiny bit more legit than the Homecoming Queen’s. Queen Margrethe paired the Baden Palmette Tiara with what seems to be her favorite gown of the year, and Princess Benedikte wore Queen Ingrid’s Star and Spike Tiara.

Earlier they all welcomed the President at the airport, Mary and Marie in chic hats, Benedikte in a koosh ball hat, and Marge in her Teletubby topper.

On the second day of the visit, Mary made a well-coordinated appearance alongside the First Lady (in a Prada suit with a colorful Paul Smith scarf and matching accessories) before attending the return dinner with the rest of the family. And it’s here that Marie redeems herself, looking infinitely more festive than the rest of them with her little sparkles.

The Dutch were also in on the state visit action last week. Queen Beatrix welcomed the President of Italy for a low-key trip, highlighted by a state dinner where the dress code seems to have been something along the lines of “dress up, if you want, I guess…”. Beatrix wore the all-purpose Rose Cut Bandeau, and Princess Margriet went tiara-less (the horror!). Yes, this was sorely missing Princess Máxima, who was on a visit to Nigeria.

Also dodging her tiara-wearing duty last week was Crown Princess Mette-Marit, who missed the annual gala dinner for the Parliament. In her absence, Queen Sonja wore Queen Maud’s Pearl and Diamond Tiara, and Princess Astrid wore the Vasa Tiara.

And the state visit fun has just begun: the British will have their first state visit of the year later this week.

Photos: Abaca/BestImage/SN/Quirinale/ANB