24 October 2012

Wedding Wednesday: More Jewels in Luxembourg

I love going back and taking a more detailed look at the outfits from big royal events. After the initial judgment has passed, you can find some real gems in the details. And in the case of this past weekend’s royal wedding, I mean that literally: there were some interesting jewels on display on the guests.

Since Mary already had her rubies with her for the gala dinner, she went ahead and wore the smallest version of the earrings with one of the pearl options at the wedding. Marie-Chantal spiced up her rather drab outfit with some large modern diamond earrings.

Brooches had their day in the sun too. Mathilde’s making a royal wedding tradition out of wearing this huge diamond brooch which belonged to Queen Fabiola. Annemarie borrowed a sapphire and diamond brooch from the Dutch collection, while Victoria chose diamonds and pearls.

The queens are the ones you expect to sport brooches galore, and they didn’t disappoint. Margrethe went romantic with the diamond daisy brooch she wore on her own wedding day. (She wore it to William and Kate’s wedding, too.) Silvia went for it with historic pearl earrings and a brooch from the Bernadotte collection, plus a diamond necklace and pearl bracelet. And Paola has two brooches on – one on her hat, one on her coat.

Lalla Salma’s jewels were a gorgeous complement to her royal blue dress and red locks, though even with this much glitter she didn’t take the prize of most ornamented.

No, that award is shared between these two Dutch magpies. Queen Beatrix wins in terms of carats, sporting big diamond earrings, a diamond necklace, bracelet, and open frame diamond brooch. (Anyone that casually wears a diamond rivière to a day occasion will forever win my heart. This is a fact.) But my Máxima wins in terms of creativity. She’s worn bits from the Borneo set of jewels, given to Queen Wilhelmina for her investiture, using them as earrings and a belt buckle of sorts. It just goes to prove: there’s a jewel in the Dutch collection for every possible outfit. (Or perhaps I should say: Máxima will find an outfit to go with every jewel in the Dutch collection. And that’s why we love her.)

Which “casual” jewel is your favorite?

Photos:  Getty Images