30 October 2012

Weekly Royal Fashion Awards: October 21-27

Sadly, it can't be weddings and tiaras all the time. Here's to the ladies that were back to the regular royal working grind last week, minus the things we've already chatted about:

Best in Sparkle
Princess Letizia
At a literature awards ceremony; audiences in Oviedo; the closing concert of the XXI Musical Week in Oviedo; the annual Prince of Asturias Awards ceremony; visit to Bueno
You know what's sad? That little hair ornament might be the closest thing we'll get to a tiara on Letizia this year. Let's all console ourselves with hugs from adorable traditionally dressed children.

Best in Usual
Princess Mathilde
Visiting the International Design Biennale; visiting Luik; attending a concert for the Festival van Vlaandoren with the rest of the royal family (Princess Astrid, pictured); at an academic meeting
A thoroughly typical week for Mathilde, so much so that I am distracted by the fabulousness of Princess Astrid at the concert, in her shiny dress and her pink (pink!) gloves - as I couldn't help but wonder on Twitter, she may have come straight from washing up the dishes, but it's irresistibly fantastic nevertheless.

Best in Trips
Princess Máxima
Máx made a quick, not highly publicized trip to Nigeria as a part of her role with the U.N. in inclusive finance. Good work, even if it meant missing a potential tiara appearance.

Worst in Muppet
Crown Princess Victoria
At a U.N. Seminar; at an awards ceremony; visiting Gothenburg; at the opening of the Friends Arena
Listen…first,Victoria stole Big Bird’s apron. And now she’s wearing Kermit’s jacket and shoes made the shaved pelt of a Cookie Monster. I’m all for color, heaven knows I’m happy to get away from a sea of blergh, and if this were flattering in any way I’d probably be all on board…but it must be said: leave Sesame Street alone! Let's stick to the flattering faux animals, like that leopard dress up there.

Who piqued your interest last week?

P.S.: I hope all of you in the path of Sandy are safe and sound.

Photos: Getty Images/Belga/Ku Leuven/RVD/All Over Press