30 November 2012

Flashback Friday: Madeleine at the Nobel Prize Ceremony

As of this writing, Princess Madeleine is on the roster to attend the Nobel Prize Award Ceremony on December 10th (these things do have a tendency to change). If she makes it, it will be her first Nobel appearance since 2009 (!). We really must flashback to prepare ourselves, don't you think? Her appearances at the big ceremony to date:
She may have started tame for her first Nobel appearance in 2000, but by 2002 she was ready to let 'em rip...uh, literally. The so-called "Baywatch" dress resulted in a bit of a kerfuffle over some cleavage-y pics of the princess. (And we note the contrast in 2003, ha!)
No matter what you rate all these appearances, one thing is clear: the girl can work a train. I can't even look too far down on her radioactive saloon girl gown from 2009, because gah that is one excellent train.

She can also work a double tiara appearance, wearing the drops from the Connaught Diamond Tiara twice and the Modern Fringe Tiara as a necklace once (2009) while wearing a tiara proper.
If you're the betting sort, the obvious place to put your money is on another appearance of the Modern Fringe, but my main hope for Madeleine at the Nobels this year is to see something different in the tiara department. Another shot at the Connaught, or perhaps the amethyst tiara. (Purple and a train, I might die.)

We've flashed back on Victoria's and Silvia's outfits for this event in the past. I am as always crossing my fingers for an Elie Saab for Victoria - and something fun in the tiara department too, while I'm dreaming. The Cameo again would be lovely. As for Silvia, I have but one measly request: no Pronger, please. It will be interesting to see what Princess Christina wears, if she attends; her own tiara was thrown in the river earlier this year and we've not heard news of a recovery. I know many of you will be crossing your fingers for proof that the family has bought back a tiara formerly belonging to Countess Estelle Bernadotte - I think that'd be the jumpy clap heard round the world. (And don't forget: the Nobels in Sweden are a two tiara affair, one for the actual ceremony and one for the King's banquet the following night.)

What would you like to see on the royals at this year's Nobel festivities?

Photos: IBL/AllOver/Getty Images