02 November 2012

Readers' Top 10 Wedding Gowns: The Next Ones

By popular request, today we have the sequel to your list of top royal wedding gowns, to take us to your top 20. If you recall, the top 10 actually included 11 gowns (with a tie at #10), so we start up again at #12.

Personal favorites of mine, both of these. Gorgeous gowns, not too overwhelming for these brides (Claire has such delicate features, and remember Anne-Marie was only 18 years old), and amazing heirloom lace veils for both. I approve.

This is a sleeper favorite of sorts: gorgeous and classic, but worn by a Windsor bride without the mega profile.

Mary’s dress is an interesting case: it was listed on quite a few least favorite lists as well as many favorite lists. Too much of a divided crowd to make the big list in the end, I guess.

These two are so different, it amuses me that they tied. Diana’s got the iconic factor like Grace does, but there are a lot of people that just can’t get past the pouf. And Cristina’s is one that wins on the prettiness level, but doesn’t have the well-known factor.

There were some very vocal advocates for this one for the top spot as we went along with the countdown, but not enough fans to give it a high place on the list overall.

Anne’s gown is so very Anne. I mean, what else can you say?

I have a feeling that if HD television or HQ photography had been around at the time of this wedding, this gown would have had a much higher slot here. It’s fabulously intricate, but you can’t really tell in a lot of the media that remains from the wedding. Actually, I can't help but think of Princess St├ęphanie's gown now, with the silver and all the delicate layers.

And there you have it! Any further surprises for you?

Photos: Corbis/Rex/Getty Images