09 November 2012

Royal Trip Report: Charles and Camilla's Last Jubilee Tour, Part 1

The Prince of Wales and the Duchess of Cornwall are on their last Diamond Jubilee tour of the year, this time in the southern hemisphere. They began with a couple days in Papua New Guinea and are currently in Australia. Now, we have to be honest here: sartorially, this is not as exciting a tour as others have been (well, it's not to me, at least). I suppose it's largely to do with the warmer climate in their first stop at least, but Camilla's been particularly low key so far. So we'll catch up with some highlights via video, because even when the fashion's not fascinating, the meat of the tour lives on. (It's true, but don't tell anyone I said it.)

They did sport some local treasures they were given while in Papua New Guinea: they were both presented with orders from the country on arrival, which they wore at the state dinner held in their honor (though here, as we saw on the Cambridge tour, a state dinner does not mean tiaras or other real bling), and Camilla proudly wore a necklace with a large mother of pearl shell given to her by a local woman.
Charles did get in the spirit, speaking a little of the pidgin language. He deserves some applause for sporting a full uniform in the heat - note that Camilla is never without her fan or the tiny parasol that accompanies her whenever these two take on a steamy climate.

Next, the couple moved on to Australia. So far in the trip, I think Camilla's best appearance was at the Melbourne Cup - hatted and tidy as can be. Like a little taste of Ascot in November.
Of course, as we see at the end of that video, encounters with animals of the adorable kind will best just about any sartorial appearance. In case you need further proof:
The last couple days in Australia, the fashion of the tour has had an interesting twist: it's been Charles with the specially issued sartorial info, not Camilla. He's worn suits made of Australian wool - a nod to the country, the farmers, and the Campaign for Wool of which he is patron.
The tour continues in Australia and then on to New Zealand. Perhaps the Duchess will show us a little nod like Charles did, in her clothes or her jewels before the trip is out. That's part of the fun of these trips, so my fingers are crossed. (The Australian Monarchist League has had a brooch made for her, click here to see. And click here to see a video of the pendant they gifted to the Duchess of Cambridge for her wedding.)

We will catch back up with them towards the end of the tour.