16 November 2012

Royal Trip Report: Charles and Camilla's Last Jubilee Tour, Part 2

It's been a long trip for the Prince of Wales and the Duchess of Cornwall, but they're finally getting ready to head home. We'll pick back up at the end of the Australian leg of the tour - click here to revisit Part 1 - and hit just a few of the highlights.

Camilla visited the Royal Australian Corps of Military Police in her role as their new Colonel-in-Chief, in a fantastic hat. Still working the Queen Mum upturned brim line, but just a touch more casual than some of the big whoppers she pulls off.
They wrapped it up in Australia after saying hello to the Prime Minister and visiting the War Memorial. Dicey territory with the shoulder fringe, Cams...dicey territory.
Next up was New Zealand, where they marked Remembrance Day in Auckland and Camilla's hat refused to stand still. Charles was wearing the dress uniform of his position as Air Commodore and Commander in Chief of the Royal New Zealand Air Force.
They also tried their hand at some sports (always entertaining), and Charles got a sweaty hug (even more entertaining). And yes, the natty prince switched from Australian wool suits to New Zealand wool, because he knows the rules of royal tour fashion.
Wednesday brought two parts of the trip that were widely publicized beforehand: Charles' 64th birthday party, and a visit with some hobbits. Less widely publicized beforehand: Camilla's Animal Kingdom hat.

The hats have been her consistent sartorial high point, among a rather regular rest of the wardrobe. We did get to see a few jewels in New Zealand apart from her regular chokers and such. (Sadly for squirmy types like me, they were extra creepy and crawly.)
She sported new Van Cleef & Arpels earrings and her diamond snake necklace on top of a sad, sad evening gown. To accent her poppies on Remembrance Day, she picked her diamond stick insect brooch, said to have been a gift from her father, who was a veteran and prisoner of war from World War II. She also wore a small brooch which is one of many from the Queen Mother now in Camilla's collection.

Despite that fact that it hasn't been jam-packed with fashion or jewel highlights, this has been a successful trip for the Prince and the Duchess. Now it's back to England, and without a trip to prep for I hope we'll get to see Camilla back in bling - there's a state visit coming at the end of the month!

What do you think was the highlight of this trip for the couple?

Photos: Getty Images