19 November 2012

Weekly Royal Fashion Awards: November 12-18

Some weeks, you just nod and smile and wait for the next tiara event. C'est la vie! But we do have someone earning back some sartorial points this week, and that's enough reason to forge on...
Best Dash of Red
Princess Letizia
Information day of the "Importance of Research in Cancer"; Opening ceremony of the XXIII Ibero-American Summit of Head of States and Governments
I'm so delighted with her elegant red coat, I'll forgive the boring gray suit underneath. 

Strongest Commitment to Red
Princess Mathilde
At the Te Deum for King's Day (with Princess Claire and Prince Laurent, and Prince Lorenz and Princess Astrid)
Speaking of red...you give Mathilde an idea, and she'll run it right into the ground. You hated those shoes on Máxima last week, and now theeeyyy'rree baaaaaack.
Celebrating at Parliament

Stiffest Tin Man
Princess Máxima
Future of Banking conference; At a school visit for Money Week; The award ceremony for the Erasmusprijs 2012; Growing SMEs conference; Welcoming Sinterklaas with her daughters
First things first: that navy number is a jumpsuit. I boycott further comment on principle. Second, that silver number is a repeated from the baptism of Princess Ariane. I liked it then, but now I think she could double for the Tin Man in the local Wizard of Oz production. (Can you guess what movie I watched last night? Yeah.)

Most Improved
Crown Princess Victoria
Meeting with Ewa Kopacz; At an event for World Diabetes Day; Attending "Children and Young People — The Archbishop's Meeting 2012"
I'm just ridiculously happy to see her without a confetti apron tied around her waist, or a spaceship bolted to her forehead. It's time to pull it together: the Nobel Prize Ceremony is fast approaching, and we need our V at her most elegant.

Who made your best dressed list last week?

Photos: Getty Images/Best Images/DutchPhotoPress/Abaca