27 November 2012

Weekly Royal Fashion Awards (+ Other Things): November 19-25

Sorry for the radio silence yesterday - thanks to those that emailed, I assure you I'm not dead. (Yet.) I am however in a bit of a post-holiday daze accented by cold medicine, so if I make even less sense than usual, there you go. That's my story, and I'm sticking to it. So let's have a big ol' update to get us up to speed, shall we? It's a week in review and a wee trip report and a touch of a tiara watch, all in one package.

Best in Team Spirit
The Duchess of Cambridge
Attending the Wales v. New Zealand rugby match
Perhaps the most predictable outfit from last week, a repeat in the proper spirited color. Not spirited enough, though: Wales lost to New Zealand. Next time, bring the face paint.

Best in Kids
Princess Letizia
Audiences and a lunch in honor of the visiting President of Brazil; attending the Francisco Cerecedo Journalism Award ceremony; visiting King Juan Carlos in the hospital after his most recent surgery
Just can't resist those wee infantas.

Most Dubious Shoes
Crown Princess Mary
Celebrating a new project for her Mary Foundation
It's as though she couldn't decide if she wanted the boot effect or the shootie effect...so she went with the trousers at just the right length to catch only some of the time. Oh, Mar. There is no "best of both worlds" when shooties are involved.

Most Textured
Princess Mathilde
Visiting a boarding school; attending the European Symposium for Family Assistants
That beige top has this bumpy thing going on that I just do. not. enjoy. Needs to be a different color so as to be certain that's not her skin with the problem. Perhaps a nice chocolate, like the other outfit here.

Best in Purple
Crown Princess Victoria
Visiting Fagersta Municipality
As long as someone fits in a purple category each week, I'm good.

Tamest Trip
Princess Máxima
On an official trip to Brazil (click to enlarge)
Willem-Alexander and Máxima spent 5 days in Brazil last week. I'm sorry to report that it was just an official visit, which means it wasn't quite the sparkly hat-tacular extravaganza we get when these two roll with the Queen Bea. But! There was dancing. Obviously the bestest part.
Unfortunately, that does not excuse the fact that we missed yet another tiara appearance from Máx, as they missed welcoming the Slovakian President. Boo!
Princess Margriet (far left) is wearing the family emerald tiara in its pearl setting; Queen Beatrix (far right) is wearing Queen Emma's Diamond Tiara, which is one of her favorites
Who caught your eye last week?

Photos: AFP/Getty Images/Kongehuset/Belga/PPE/Abaca