19 December 2012

2012 in Review: Crown Princess Victoria

Best of the Year
Victoria started out the year at a bit of a sartorial low point, during her black and blergh maternity wear period. But she flipped it and came out the glowing new mum in time for Estelle's christening, which wins the title of my favorite Victoria outfit of the year by a hair.

Honorable Mentions
The Nobels are always a highlight for Victoria, and though I'm not totally on board with her tiara choices from this year, both dresses get a thumbs up from me. As does the fun yellow number (plus a rare hair down moment!), some purple, and another chic understated number.

Worst of the Year
This comes from the same designer as the fun yellow party dress above, except this one is less "fun-yet-official royal business" and more "apron for my tiki-themed barbecue".

What was your favorite Victoria outfit this year?

Photos: Getty Images/Abaca/AllOver Press/IBL