17 December 2012

2012 in Review: The Duchess of Cambridge

The year is almost over! Gah! {Insert disbelief here.} Most of the royals have slowed down in advance of the holidays, and that means it's time to start wrapping it up - Year in Review style. This week, we'll have best and worst looks for the ladies we cover here each week, plus other features. Time to test your memories!

Best of the Year
Color, updo, glowing-ness, check check check. One of my very favorite appearances of the year, from any royal lady.

Honorable Mentions
A chic trio of Queen-centered appearances (a joint engagement, the Thames river parade, and the Jubilee service), a white suit (with a hint of a full skirt! But minus the shoes), and a spot of tour spontaneity also earn a dorky thumbs up from me this year. Plus the green McQueen gown from Sunday's Sports Personality of the Year Awards, because obviously.

Worst of the Year
Looking back through Kate's sartorial year, there wasn't much at all that really deserved a "worst" label, to tell you the truth. Sure, there were things that left me with a case of the mehs, but that's still not a hot mess. I ended on this one - the style was also worn by her mother, and...you can tell, I think. Not the best fit or style. And it doesn't really seem very "Kate" to me, if that makes any sense. But staying away from your mom's closet is a pretty easy resolution for 2013 (especially since we'll be talking mostly about maternity wear!). 

What will you remember from Catherine's 2012 wardrobe?

Photos: Getty Images/Bauer Griffin/BBC