21 December 2012

2012 in Review: Princess Letizia

Best of the Year
Well, it had to go to her single Gold Star for the year, didn't it? This lace effect is lovely, and bonus points: she's pretty much the only one that could pull such a thing off.

Honorable Mentions
Hmm. Apparently all Letizia needs to do to win my love is get a little lacy. That, and skillfully un-match her outfit.

Worst of the Year
We've elaborated on this at great length in the past, but my main issue with our dear Leti is that she can go entirely too casual at times. This was the engagement for the year that suffered the most from mismatched occasion-to-outfit syndrome: a cropped cardi during an official visit to Portugal.

What was your favorite Letizia outfit this year?

Photos: Getty Images