21 December 2012

2012 in Review: Princess Máxima

Best of the Year
Máxima's at her best when there's a mega royal gathering involved, and the Luxembourg wedding was her greatest (and practically only) such stage this year. So I'll call it a tie between the eveningwear and the church wear - I'm still not sure I really love either one, but they're so very Máxima it's hard to deny them.

Honorable Mentions
Ooof. You guys. Máxima was the hardest one of these to put together. Apart from large scale royal gatherings, her next great moments are usually found at Prinsjesdag, or on state visits where Queen Beatrix is present and she steps her game up a bit. Except this year...she didn't even grab me then like she usually does. This is a half-hearted assortment from me.

Worst of the Year
Words can not express how terrible an outfit I feel this is for Máx. It's doing all. the. wrong. things. Please, please, dear: retire this one. Forever.

What's your sartorial verdict for Maxima this year?

Photos: PPE/DutchPhotoPress/Getty Images