19 December 2012

2012 in Review: The Weddings

Since 2011 was so very much the Year of the Royal Wedding, I didn't have high expectations coming into 2012. But lo and behold, this little year held its own - and bless it for doing so! There were small weddings and lavish ones, plus the last wedding of a next-in-line European royal we'll see for a long time. Let's relive it, shall we? (Click the names to go back to the original post.)

Best in Pink

Best in Tiaras, Spiky Division

Best in Your Favorite Wedding Gowns
(Yes, this one made it to the #10 spot on your list of favorite royal wedding gowns!)

Best in ...uh.... Cousins
(Let's face it, that's likely the only reason we heard about this one around the world!)

Best in Bling

Best in Fairytale

(And we didn't even cover them all! There are other, smaller scale, weddings that weren't featured on the blog this year.)

Which was your favorite royal wedding dress this year?

Thankfully there are more royal weddings on the horizon, so we have lots to look forward to: Princess Madeleine of Sweden will mary Christopher O'Neill, Prince Félix of Luxembourg will marry Claire Lademacher, and Andrea Casiraghi will marry Tatiana Santo Domingo.

Photos: Petra/PPE/Getty Images/Reuters