12 December 2012

My Ultimate Tiara Collection: The Danish Ruby Parure and the Portland Sapphire Tiara

Time to return to the land of my dreams, with a couple colorful additions to my ultimate tiara collection:
The Danish Ruby Parure
Confession: I'm really not a ruby person. But a good tiara collection needs a ruby addition, I think, and I pick Crown Princess Mary's grandest diadem. I also adore the Oriental Circlet, but Mary's makes the cut in the end because obviously I'd be taking the rest of the parure with it. (Obviously. That's what dreams are for.) Mary has really won me over the past few years, showing us time and again how versatile the entire set is. Plus, I'm a sucker for a major necklace.

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There's also a new book out (in Danish) about the ruby set and more info plus a small film from Marianne Dulong, the firm which made Mary's alterations to this set and her wedding tiara. Click here for more.

The Portland Sapphire Tiara
I would also require a sapphire tiara (as you do), and I'd take the Portland Sapphire Tiara. Much like Mary's rubies, this choice comes from the jewels I'd need to go with it: the matching stomacher, of course, and also probably Diana's amazing sapphire and pearl choker. Match made in heaven, and in heaven that match would be in my jewel vault.

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Does your dream collection include sapphires and/or rubies? Which ones? 

Photos: Corbis/Christie's