04 December 2012

New Top 10 List: My Ultimate Tiara Collection

December makes me feel all festive and such. Shiny ornaments...a dose of tiaras at the Nobel festivities...and hey, this year we even get a Cambridge baby celebration! (Timing coincidence, but we'll take it!) If you've been reading for any length of time, it will come as no surprise that festive = sparkly to me, so how about an extra dose of tiaras for our holiday month?

Last year, we counted down your favorite tiaras. This year...it's my turn. {Insert evil laugh here.}

But I'm not counting down my favorite tiaras. No, I tried that, and actually it ended up being a pretty boring list - all pretty much variations of the same thing. (I have a tiara type, what can I say?) I had more fun coming up with a list of a different sort: my ultimate fantasy tiara collection.

These are the tiaras I'd steal borrow in a respectful and secret fashion if I had the chance to fill my dream tiara vault. Anything and everything is game, because that's the beauty of pure fiction. The catch? I limited myself to TEN. (I don't need to tell you how agonizing that was.) But it was ten or fifty, basically, and ten is already me getting carried far enough away.

So we're running them through in the coming days, in no particular order. Some of them we've discussed in depth on the blog before, and some will be new features. Some of you won't like my choices and that's okay - they're my choices, not yours. I hope you can sit back and enjoy the sparkle even if these wouldn't make your personal fantasy collection.

UPDATE: And here it is in full!