27 December 2012

Royal Fashion Awards: Christmas with the Windsors

Merry Christmas, lovelies! Anybody get a tiara in their stocking? Seems I shall have to wait another year (or millennium) for a real one to pop up in mine. Le sigh. Anyway, let's travel back in time to Christmas Day and spend some time with those tricky Windsors at Sandringham, shall we?

Best in Surprises
The Queen
Not the color I would have guessed, and certainly not the brooch I was predicting. Just when I was getting really good at predicting her moves, she throws a curveball! That Lilibet is a sly one. (That's a new brooch, full details are of course available at the Jewel Vault.)

Best in Purple
The Duchess of Cornwall
Camilla has replayed this general tune in a few different ways, but this one is quite fetching. And also purple. Win win.

Best in Sherlock
Princess Beatrice
If Holmes wore Dolce & Gabbana and jazzed up his hats with depressingly black Christmas ribbons, that is.

Best in Watson
Princess Eugenie
This works quite well alongside her sister's outfit, even if it's not the best coat for Eugenie herself.

Best in Unidentified Millinery Objects
The Countess of Wessex
How nice of Sophie to be the one to sport some headgear for us to really chat about (someone's gotta do it, that's the Windsor way). Sneaky, this one: it's a bird riding shotgun on her back! It's a stray Christmas wreath! And it's surprisingly chic either way!

Prettiest in Pink
Lady Louise
Such a cherubic little wardrobe she has, bless.

Best in Standard
The Princess Royal
What can you say? Carry on, Anne, carry on.

Best in Beatrice
Autumn Phillips
I really feel like she wore Beatrice's back up outfit. Seriously - statement hat not at all related to the basic coat, totally Bea. I'm not saying that's a bad thing.

Worst in Shoes
Zara Phillips
Just because someone is willing to sell you your grandma's shoes does not mean you should buy them. Even if they promise to add some extra clunk to the heel, just for you.

Who do you say wins the Christmas fashion race?

P.S.: Yes, we're sticking to the ones at Sandringham.
P.P.S.: I will see you next when we have tiaras in Denmark at the New Year's Courts to discuss!

Photos: AP/Getty Images/Bauer Griffin