12 December 2012

Royal Fashion Awards: The Nobel Prizes 2012, Part 2

On the second and final big day of Nobel celebrations, the Peace Prize Concert was held in Norway, and a banquet for the prize recipients was given by the King of Sweden. It's always a more low key day than the first, but this year it was more awkward too.

Worst in Dance or Whatever is Happening Here
Crown Princess Mette-Marit
Royals at rock concerts = guaranteed awkwardness. Marius agrees with me.

Best in Dress
Crown Princess Victoria
I thought we might get a second outing of this bandeau Victoria debuted in Luxembourg; this banquet is less formal, but still a tiara occasion, so something smaller is suitable. And she did just that, and now I can call it for sure: I don't like this. It's just not very...uh...head-shaped. Human head-shaped, at least. Maybe it was made for a Conehead. Either way: awkward little thing. (This piece is apparently another item from the set of cut steel Queen Silvia unearthed in the 1970s, we just haven't seen it until this year. The palace calls it a "private tiara with associated comb".) BUT: I love that dress.

Best in Inevitable
Queen Silvia
Like I said: she picks either the sapphires or the Pronger for the Nobels. And since the sapphires got an outing on day 1...prongs it is. At least she's giving me some purple love.

Best in Repeats
Princess Christina
Same tiara, two nights in a row? And now we really feel the loss of her own tiara. I guess I'll have to say it twice, because this tiara leaves me with not many other comments to make: she makes the best of this one.

Best (and Tallest) in Tiaras
Princess Madeleine
I do enjoy the Modern Fringe Tiara. And so does Madeleine, obviously. But placing a tiara on the tallest part of your head like a sparkly flag is awkward at best. It's trying to be the Baden Fringe, and it is not that major. This tiara is lying.

What was your favorite Nobel look this year?

Photos: Expressen/IBL/Stella/Belga