03 December 2012

Royal Trip Report: Haakon and Mette-Marit in Indonesia

It's just a trip-filled time of the year, isn't it? Royals getting out and about one last time before they settle in for Christmas and whatnot. The Norwegians got in on the action last week, as Crown Prince Haakon and Crown Princess Mette-Marit paid an official visit to Indonesia. They promoted Norway, and I'm promoting her clothes, as I do, because this trip featured a few absolutely lovely outings for dear M-M.

It wouldn't be Mette-Marit without some typical M-M outfits, of course, meaning some plain clothes and some uninspiring pairings. But thankfully, there's more.

Just to spice things up, the couple paid tribute to their hosts by donning local gifts: a shawl from the first lady for Mette-Marit for an official dinner, some traditional skirts for both, and a printed fiesta of a shirt for Haakon (a gift from the embassy). I'm puzzled by Mette-Marit's pairing of that business jacket with that floaty dress, but I find myself sufficiently distracted by a man that can wear a skirt wrap with flair, so I don't care.

My favorites obviously begin with her outfit on arrival: it's purple, it's detailed, the earrings are killer, and it's purple again. I also nod my head in her general direction for a bit of shine and a brooch with some hair ornamentation (I appreciate her attempt to give us a hat - every trip deserves a hat). But my very very favorite is her crisp white suit filled with intricate detail. That's the Nordic ice princess I know and love!

Which was your favorite outfit?

Photos: Kronprinsparet Facebook & Twitter/Scanpix/Kongehuset/Getty Images/Stella Pictures