10 December 2012

Weekly Royal Fashion Awards (and a Mini Trip Report): December 3-9

We have last week's round up and a mini trip report (two, actually) to get to, but first a note: my Ultimate Tiara Collection returns on Wednesday - for now, we have tiara sightings coming our way! The Nobel Prizes are awarded today in Sweden (where the tiaras are) and Norway, and we'll have a fashion run down later. Until then, back to our regular business...

Best in Trips
Crown Princess Mary
Visiting Hong Kong and Beijing
Mary and Frederik made a quick visit to China last week, and Mary brought some repeats and some new stuff too. I'm a sucker for a simple but bright blue dress, so sign me up for the Malene Birger number on the left there. (I'll pass on the Elise Gug on the far right, though - what's supposed to read as detailed is coming off muddy to me.) 

Best in Winter
Princess Letizia
Princess Letizia at an Antena Foundation 3 meeting and the National Sports Awards; Crown Princess Mette-Marit visiting Vennesla; Crown Princess Victoria opening an exhibition at the Royal Palace
Why so glum, ladies? Why so dark and dreary? Oh that's right, it's December. Curses. Well, I once again find myself admiring Leti's nude shoes, so I'll give her some love for that.

Best in Twins
Princess Mathilde
At a UNICEF conference in Brussels; on a UNICEF mission to Haiti
Déjà vu for you? Yes, Máxima also has the electric blue number Mathilde started her week with. In the battle of Who wore it best? I'll give it to Mathilde, but it's six of one, really. Still, it's my favorite of the week for her - a week which also included a colorful little trip of her own, to Haiti.

Best in Giggles
Princess Máxima
Visiting the My School project; celebrating the 10th anniversary of the Oranje Fonds; naming a new gas tanker
The gas tanker Máx was naming is an environmentally friendly model, so naturally the Princess opted for an environmentally friendly ensemble for herself: she's used the arm covers from my grandmother's 1971 gold velvet sofa as a hat. Oh Máx, whatever will you stick on your head next?! Thanks for the giggles.

And an Honorable Mention to...
The Countess of Wessex
At ICAP Charity Day
Bonus blue dress points if it's a blue dress from Roland Mouret. Nicely played, Sophie!

Who interested you last week?

Photos: Reuters/Kongehuset/AP/Getty Images/Stella Pictures/UNICEF Haiti/Place Royale/PPE/DutchPhotoPress/ICAP