11 January 2013

Flashback Friday: Letizia's Court Dress

As we just saw this week, Pascua Militar in Spain requires a special dress code - a modern court dress, I call it (you can also call it a form of gala dress, and other names I'm sure). There is another event that also uses these outfits, the annual reception for the foreign ambassadors which is held later in January. The Princess of Asturias has been attending these events since 2005, seemingly in sartorial phases.

Those that can't handle repeats should look away: we've got the same jacket used three times in a row for the same event, twice with the same skirt. And this is indeed in a row, because she did not attend either of the events we're looking at today in 2006 or 2007 (she had recently given birth to Infanta Leonor in 2006, and was pregnant with Infanta Sofia in 2007). As much as I love a full skirt, I think I actually like this one better in its initial appearance.

Now we have the red phase - my favorite! It looks like we have the same skirt here, but the jacket in 2005 is different. The 2008-2010 version, though, is amazing! One of my all time favorite Letizia outfits, no question.

Now we're in the belted phase, as I call it. Cummerbunds are the name of the game. And, hey, if anyone's going to have a tight waist phase, it should probably be Letizia. They help her petite frame to not get lost amidst all this fabric.

Lately, it seems, we're in a sort of blergh phase. Entirely too easy to draw connections between this sort of color palette and all the messy whatnot surrounding the Spanish royal family these days, and I don't enjoy reading that far into clothing selections. And on that depressing note, we await her next repeat! Happier thoughts now...

Which outfit's your favorite?

Photos: Getty Images/Pool