04 January 2013

Flashback Friday: Marie at the New Year's Banquet

We'll have the lowdown on the remainder of the New Year's events on Monday - for today, let's keep rolling with our Princess Marie theme and have a look back at the gowns she's worn to the annual New Year's banquet. Like most royal ladies, I think Marie's at her best when she's in full-on gala mode. Excluding gargantuan butt ruffle moments, that is.
This year was a comeback year for Marie; she was excused from last year's banquet on account of the fact that she was close to delivering Princess Athena. (Reasonable excuse, I'll allow it.)

And in 2011, she was covering for Crown Princess Mary, who was then days away from delivering her twins. She did so in a very Mary dress too, one that resembles the drape-y, train-y goodness of the orange number we just saw repeated. I prefer Marie's train and color but Mary's symmetrical neckline - I'm picking up some unnecessary visual chain wonkiness here. Just tilt your head like 24.6 degrees to the side and all will be well.

Ah, much better! Pink and appropriately swishy. Bliss.

If you ask me, though, nothing quite matches up to her very first banquet appearance. Pregnant with little Prince Henrik, she wore one of the best princess maternity gowns I can think of - and she wore it for official pictures too, so we got a proper look at it. It's ever so regal, no?

Which year is your favorite?

Photos: PPE/BT/Getty Images/Scanpix