18 January 2013

Flashback Friday: Mathilde's Greatest Hits

Princess Mathilde is turning 40! And around here, that means it's time to flashback to her greatest sartorial hits. Truth be told, I had trouble coming up with a list for our Belgian friend. She flies under the radar in her standard Natan wardrobe, and a lot of her statements don't work out quite right. But there are always some gems to be found, and here are my faves:

Typical princess time: prim and proper hatted fun. Her classic blue/gray number at Felipe and Letizia's wedding is pure elegance. Also, I really quite like the sparkly beige outfit she threw on for Estelle's christening, despite the fact that many of you thought it too dull for this colorful royal. But there's no dull involved in her millinery selection for brother-in-law Prince Laurent's wedding - when Mathilde makes a statement, she Makes A Statement!

Everyday princess outfits, for doing your standard princess business. I've always liked the collar and the pink and gray combo on the left there, and the striped number with a dash of citrus is a flattering silhouette. And you can't go wrong with a little red or white dress.

Ultimate princess time now: gowns and glamour! These are my two very favorite Mathilde outfits. Her floral gown at Frederik and Mary's wedding is soft and pretty, and it goes well with her laurel wreath tiara and her riband. And her sleek white gown at Máxima's 40th birthday concert is stunning, plain and simple.

And now that I'm to the end, I realize we're missing orange, her signature color. (Most assuredly not my own signature color.) Time for you to take over!

What's your favorite Mathilde outfit?

Photos: Rex/Getty Images/All Over Press