07 January 2013

Royal Fashion Awards: More New Year's Fun

After donning tiaras and assorted finery for the January 1st banquet, the Danish royal family continues on for two more days (on the 3rd and 4th) with more courts, or levees, or receptions, or whatever you wanna call 'em. They are held for specific groups of people, and feature Margrethe, Henrik, Frederik, and Mary (no Joachim, and no Marie). They ditch the tiaras because these are daytime events, but the court dress is still gloriously old school.

Best in Repeats
Crown Princess Mary
These are my two favorite outfits she's worn in the past for these events, and she's brought them back like a parade of greatest hits for my enjoyment (even sticking one of her ruby hairpins in on the second day for a little bit of fancy)! I get the repeating - these are expensive outfits, and are hard to reuse elsewhere - but I do hope that she will refrain from repeating the same stuff every single year, like someone else...

Worst in Repeats
Queen Margrethe
It's not just that she wore the same outfit two days in a row, it's that this is what she does every year. (Click here for last year, for example.) It's a very Margrethe thing to wear and it suits her, no doubt, but...can we leave the uniforms to those representing the military?

Best in Sparkle
The Japanese Royal Family
The Danish royal family is not the only family that holds a New Year's event, of course. The Japanese royal family makes an equally sparkly appearance on the 1st.
Unfortunately, this year it seems the Empress has gone without a tiara (we usually see the Imperial Chrysanthemum Tiara). Luckily, she brings back up in the form of many princesses and their army of tiaras. They might not be as high on the radar as other royal families around the world, but when they really get rolling, it's hard to compete with their sparkle.

Who's your favorite in this last batch of New Year fun?

Photos: Getty Images/Scanpix/Kongehuset