03 January 2013

Tiara Thursday: Princess Marie's Diamond Floral Tiara

Princess Marie's Diamond Floral Tiara
Sometimes, I name tiaras something that makes them easy to remember and identify instead of something that is perfectly technical and accurate (see: the Nine Prong Tiara). Today's tiara, for example, I like to call Princess Marie's Diamond Floral Tiara, because it has become the signature diadem of Princess Marie of Denmark, and it wasn't well known prior to her usage. But what that name doesn't tell you is that it does have a royal history before Marie enters the picture, and it's not even really "Marie's" (as far as we know).
Queen Margrethe
This diamond floral tiara belonged to Princess Dagmar of Denmark, daughter of King Frederik VIII. It returned to the main royal line and King Frederik IX (who was Dagmar's nephew) gave it to his daughter, Margrethe. Queen Margrethe did not use the tiara often; she loaned it to her mother-in-law once, during her silver wedding celebrations in 1992. But it remained in the shadows of her collection until 2008, when she loaned it to Marie Cavallier, the second wife of her son Prince Joachim.
Princess Marie
Princess Marie wore the tiara on her wedding day, and has worn it constantly since. The floral tiara is the only tiara from the royal family Marie has access to, but it is apparently a loan and not her own property. Crown Princess Mary was given a new tiara for her wedding by the Queen and Prince Henrik, and Joachim's first wife Alexandra was given the Alexandrine Drop Tiara, but the information released on Marie's wedding day noted that this tiara belongs to the Queen. This was seen by many as a sign that the Queen learned after Joachim and Alexandra's divorce the perils of gifting royal tiaras (speculation, of course). Since Marie has finally given this tiara a royal face to be associated with, I refer to it as her tiara.
This may be her only tiara to date (she does have a second, which seems to be a sort of gift/loan situation, but we haven't seen that worn yet - click here to see), but if you're only going to have one, this is the one to have, I'd say. It's generic, really - all diamonds, a floral design which is quite common among tiaras, and mid-sized - but that makes it all purpose and good for use with most any outfit. It also seems a good fit for Princess Marie herself; she seems more like a floral tiara girl than a fringe tiara girl to me. (Mind you, no matter how perfect this one is for Marie, I still wish Queen Margrethe would allow one or two of her "lesser" tiaras to be loaned on occasion to her daughters-in-law. C'mon, Daisy, share the love.)

Where does this rank on your list of favorite floral tiaras?

Photos: Getty Images/AOP/PPE/Kongehuset