22 January 2013

Weekly Royal Fashion Awards: January 13-19

Best in Blah
Princess Letizia and Crown Princess Mary
Letizia attending audiences at Zarzuela Palace; Mary celebrating the 60th anniversary of the Danish Twin Register and attending the Home Guard concert
I know. I know. These outfits are fine. Sometimes I just get punchy, especially when things are so slow. (Thankfully the royal world is picking up speed this week!)

Best in Twins
Princess Mathilde and Princess Máxima
Mathilde viewing her special birthday stamp and attending a New Year's reception; Máxima attending two New Year's receptions
Look at that: the Natan closet monster strikes again (at least it's colorful!). I think I have to give this twinsies appearance to Maxima - that's a pretty impressive hair day on the Maxima scale. And also: killer earrings.

(Máxima is now on a state visit with Beatrix and Willem-Alexander, and we will have a look at that later this week.)

Who was your favorite last week?

Photos: Getty Images/Abaca/Stella Pictures/Kongehuset