19 February 2013

Royal Trend Watch: Ski Bunnies Galore

It's winter holiday time, and our royals have headed for the slopes. And you know what that means, don't you? A dose of royal kid shenanigans, that's what. But the question is: who wins the royal ski bunny competition?

Frederik and Mary and their fantastic four headed for Verbier, where they win because of poufs and animal hats. And because of Isabella, of course - she's made of win and she can't help it. Click here to see a photoset and here to see a video.

Video: Joachim and Marie and family
Joachim and Marie and their own fantastic four holiday in Villars, where they won the royal slope competition because BABY SUNGLASSES I MEAN COME ON ARE YOU KIDDING ME. Click here to see more photos.

And finally, the Dutch royal family headed for their regular vacation in Lech.
Video: In Lech
The fact that Beatrix, Willem-Alexander, Máxima, the A-team, and the rest of the Dutch family (who weren't present at the photocall) are in Lech alone is enough of a win - it was one year ago that Prince Friso was trapped in an avalanche here, leaving him in a coma. But they seemed relaxed and happy, soaking up a bit of family time before the abdication. Good on them, I say. (Click here for a photoset.)

Who's your favorite royal ski bunny?

Photos: Abaca/Getty Images