18 February 2013

Weekly Royal Fashion Awards: February 10-16

Best of the Week
Princess Letizia
Meeting with the members of the national handball team; attending the accreditation ceremony for honorary Spain "Brand Ambassadors"; at a reception for the President of Guatemala; opening the ARCO Contemporary Art Fair; attending a conference and visiting Wordskills Spain
She wore my favorite color for her in my favorite silhouette for her! Red, red, red. Did anything else happen this week? Doesn't matter.

Best in Standard
Princess Máxima
Opening the Women's Inc. conference
Well, yup, there you go. Classic Máx, right down to the unnecessarily matched accessories. Then it was off for the annual ski vacation - we'll check in with our royals on the slopes tomorrow.

Best Return
Crown Princess Mette-Marit
At the inauguration of the Northern Light Cathedral; audience with President Bill Clinton
Nice to see her out and about in Norway again. And that's about all I have to say about that.

And an Honorable Mention to...
Princess Madeleine
Attending a concert of the Royal Stockholm Philharmonic Orchestra in New York City
For whatever reason, I didn't recognize Madeleine here at first. Must be the pulled back hair. But I'm with the program now, and I'm really liking her take on the lady tuxedo. If you ask me, when she's bringing her A game, she's got one of the best takes on young princess chic out there.

Who did you like last week?

Photos: Getty Images//Dagen/Kronprinsparet