25 February 2013

Weekly Royal Fashion Awards: February 17-23

Best in I'm Not Gonna Say It
The Duchess of Cambridge
Visiting Hope House treatment center
Seriously, please, I'm begging you. Don't say it, that word, the one everyone has to use when talking about our friend Kate these days. My former pet peeve with the b-word (you know, that one that starts with a b and ends with a p) has blossomed into...whatever's bigger than a pet peeve. A farm animal peeve. I don't like talking about people's stomachs, but I do like this wrap dress.

Best in Fancy
Princess Letizia
Attending a cultural awards ceremony
My my, aren't we looking fancy with our little beading and whatnot?

Best in Purse
Crown Princess Mary
Attending events for a conference on global inequality
Purple Prada alert! Best thing about the week.

Best in Hats
Princess Mathilde and the Belgian Royal Family
Attending the annual mass to remember deceased family members
Well done on your anti-fascinator turnout, Belgian royals. It's been quite some time since we've seen this many legit hats in one royal gathering, no? 

Best in Institutions
Crown Princess Victoria
At a palace reception
It should just be a basic shift dress, one of those can't-go-wrong pieces...and yet I'm detecting a flair of institutional nurse, circa 1948.

And an Honorable Mention to...
Princess Estelle
Somebody turned the big 0-1 this week! Expressive as ever, Estelle's cuteness is multiplied because she is wearing the same dress her mother wore to celebrate her first birthday. Double awwws.

Who did you like last week?

Photos: Getty Images/BestImage/Abaca/Stella/Kungahuset