18 March 2013

Royal Trip Report: All Kinds of People, All Over the Place

Royal trips a-go-go! Seems like everybody's traveling everywhere lately, and I love it. Trip wardrobes are the best, even when they're a little on the low key side. So let's check in with some of our royal wanderers, shall we?
Frederik and Mary in Chile, days 1-3
First up: Crown Prince Frederik and Crown Princess Mary went on an official visit to Chile. This was actually supposed to be a state visit made by Queen Margrethe, but on doctor's advice she cancelled and the crown princely couple stepped up. And as you might expect for a substitute visit, this is mainly a trip of repeats. Actually, I think the new item getting the most attention here seems to be Fred's new hairdo...and you thought the royal men didn't get enough frivolous attention.
Days 4 & 5
I think my favorite outfit might be the new dress shown above on the far left, from Elise Gug, blergh and all. And I will be forever grateful that she stopped short of a full jumpsuit with that print on the far right above. We've been there, and it wasn't pretty.

Elsewhere, Prince Albert and Princess Charlene made an official visit to Palau.
Video: in Palau
Seems to have been a pretty short and casual island-appropriate trip, as you might expect.

The Windsors are out and about too, starting with the Earl and Countess of Wessex in the Czech Republic to present Duke of Edinburgh Award certificates as well as other engagements.
These were my two favorite Sophie outfits from the trip: Sophie does McQueen, and more Roland Mouret. I'm not entirely sold on the head-to-toe cream, but the continual Benjamin Button-esque evolution of Sophie's style gets two thumbs up from me. And I think we always need more Roland Mouret.

Speaking of things we need more of, the Prince of Wales and the Duchess of Cornwall started a trip to the Middle East in Jordan with a visit to King Abdullah and Queen Rania, wearing Antonio Berardi. We could use more Berardi on the royal scene, I say. Good match for Kate or Beatrice maybe (or, hey, Sophie while we're at it).
Video: Charles and Camilla's official welcome in Jordan
They're on a multi-country tour which also includes Qatar, Saudi Arabia, and Oman. And it's been your basic Charles and Camilla show, you know, no real surprises or outliers in the fashion realm as far as I'm concerned. I will say this: the Qatar leg was disappointingly low on sightings of my girl crush, Sheikha Mozah - only one meeting with Charles, I think. And I will also say this: I can't wait for the release of this year's royal gift list. Will Cams pick up another ruby breastplate? The suspense is killing me.

Which trip outfit is your favorite?

Photos: Kongehuset/Abaca/Marfa/CTK/Getty Images