26 March 2013

Royal Trip Report: The Belgians in Thailand

Prince Philippe and Princess Mathilde headed to Thailand last week for an extensive six day economic trip. What we saw was pretty much classic Mathilde - when isn't it classic Mathilde? - as she expanded on her staple of a printed top + solid color trousers, but there's some loveliness here worth a chat.

You can't help but think she fits right in, in a temple where everyone wears her favorite citrus color.

Day 2
She brought out the blueish purple Armani she wore to Albert and Charlene's wedding, which is much improved without a hat bolted into her forehead and works really well for an official dinner.

Sometimes Mathilde surprises. A leopard print top might not sound right, but yet this is a great outfit for her.

I'm not entirely sold on her next dinner outfit, but she does win points for intricacy.

And  finally, a few others - this is not all-inclusive - including a meeting with the King of Thailand (far right). I'm going to have to go against her beloved orange and say my favorite is the pink flowered outfit.

What was your favorite outfit from this trip?

Photos: Stella Pictures/Belga/LaSoir/PhotoNews/Getty Images