19 April 2013

Flashback Friday: Máxima in Jan Taminiau

As we all know, Princess Máxima is capable of both sartorial disaster and sartorial excellence, and I'm sure we're all counting on the better end of the spectrum come April 30th. The question - well, one of the questions - is: who will she be wearing? My guess from the start has been Jan Taminiau, because there's never a better time to fly the flag for Dutch design. Today, a look at some of the outfits she's already worn from the designer...just in case.

One of her well-known Taminiau outfits is the first on the left above, from a collection that reused old Dutch postal bags to put a patriotic flair on a standard jacket.

If it's a bit of sparkle she's looking for, she can surely get that here. Though I do think we could do without any more togas, thanks.

If there's not at least a touch of drama, we might not recognize Máx. She can get both glitter and swish from this designer, no problem.

Prinsjesdag outfits might be the best indicator of what's to come for the big event, and she's commissioned a few from Taminiau. They've all been repeated at tiara occasions, a reference point I hope will come in handy. It's really the Prinsjesdag stuff that moves me to guess Jan Taminiau in the first place, actually - like these or not, we know the brand can do an outfit with a certain kind of stately gravitas.

No matter who she picks for the actual inauguration and the events surrounding, she'll have plenty of opportunities to get loads of designers in - it's going to be a busy year, with multiple reintroduction visits on the schedule. Here's hoping it's all A-game, all the way.

Which is your favorite Jan Taminiau outfit?

UPDATE: And Taminiau was indeed the man for the job! He designed both her stunning blue outfit for the inauguration and the purple lace she wore in the evening.

Photos: DutchPhotoPress/ANP/PPE/Jan Taminiau/Abaca/Getty Images