27 April 2013

Inauguration Special: Máxima's Tiaras, Revisited

I did a post covering the tiaras worn by Máxima a long time ago, but I think it's worth a revisit on this special Saturday. One last look at the princess years of my favorite magpie and the wealth of tiaras she's touched (by far - by far - the most out of her crown princess-level colleagues) before she truly runs the collection as queen...

The Antique Pearl Tiara, with and without Pearls 
and The Pearl Button Tiara, with Stars and Buttons
Máxima's tiara journey started early, during her engagement. The Antique Pearl was the very first one, worn to the wedding of Crown Prince Haakon of Norway, when she sported it without the upright pearls. She's since added the pearls back in (a great improvement, in my humble opinion). She's also worn the Pearl Button in two versions: her wedding tiara was of course a special version with stars, and we only recently saw her wear the original.

The Dutch Emerald Tiara, with Emeralds and Pearls and The Dutch Aquamarine Tiara 
Another convertible tiara (not a favorite of mine, that emerald one) and another one worn before the wedding - the aquamarines!

The Mellerio Sapphire Tiara (Diamond Setting Only) and The Diamond Festoon Necklace Tiara
These both look somewhat like children's drawings of a tiara. Except only one of them could double as a mountain range.

Both of these were surprising to see on Máx: the Mellerio because it had been reserved for queens and so on previously, and the Peacock because it hadn't been seen in many years.

In her princess-hood, both of these have been worn just once. I'm particularly keen to see that sapphire necklace tiara worn again - though I wonder if she'll swap to the big Mellerio Sapphire...hmm. We shall see.

Máxima's favorite to date, and with good reason. I mean, yum.

Wilhelmina's Haircomb and a Diamond Aigrette
And finally, two pieces Máxima brought out from long sleeps in the vault: a diamond haircomb and an aigrette. What more will she find? This is why she's my sparkly fave.

Things we haven't seen Máxima wear include the Laurel Wreath and Ears of Wheat Tiaras, both of which have been worn by other princesses, and the Mellerio Sapphire (full version) and Württemberg Ornate Pearl Tiaras, both of which have been reserved for Queen Beatrix. And then of course there is the big gun to put the other big guns to shame: the Stuart Tiara, which has been napping since Queen Juliana's reign. What's next???

UPDATE: Here's what's next...

The Mellerio Sapphire Tiara in its full version (with a modified top) was her pick for the inauguration, and our first glimpse of her in one of the family whoppers.

Photos: Rex/RVD/DutchPhotoPress/PPE/Thai Monarchy/Abaca/Getty Images