30 April 2013

The Dutch Inauguration: The King, Queen, and Princesses

The inauguration ceremony of King Willem-Alexander at the Nieuwe Kerk in Amsterdam was the second emotional event of the day, with both Máxima and Beatrix seeming to hold back tears at various points. It was a lovely ceremony, and now we have some lovely clothes (and jewels!) to chat about. We’ll have a look at the royal guests, including the extended Dutch royal family, later on, but for now: let’s discuss the King, the Queen, their kids, and Princess Beatrix.

King Willem-Alexander
Having relinquished his military positions as required prior to becoming king, Willem-Alexander opted for white tie instead of a full uniform. It turned out to be the perfect thing, aesthetically speaking, as it was a blank enough canvas to let the sovereign’s mantle on his shoulders and the riband of the Military William Order shine. A regal king indeed.

Queen Máxima
Máxima opted for Dutch designer Jan Taminiau for her inauguration gown (excuse me while I brush my shoulders off, as that was precisely my prediction). It was royal blue, or sapphire blue if you prefer, because the big jewel of the day was…drum roll required, look at that thing…the Mellerio Sapphire Tiara! In its massive form, which we haven’t seen her wear before. And this isn’t even the full form, as we seem to be missing some bits at the top! What a difference a hairstyle makes – it really is a sapphire tiara, which you couldn’t tell most of the time Beatrix wore it. Stunning, and a big gun way to kick things off.
Taminiau and his creation
As for the crepe and chiffon gown, she compensated for the fact that there is no robe for a queen consort by adding a little cape – as I said on Twitter, very Mozah, very very Gwyneth in Tom Ford. The dress underneath featured richly detailed embroidery, a suggested sleeve, and a small belt which held her Order of the Netherlands Lion beautifully. Brilliant. Dramatic and exactly what you want for a once-in-a-lifetime event.

The Princess of Orange and Princesses Alexia and Ariane
First of all, can I just say that Amalia is the most composed 9-year-old I’ve ever seen? Followed closely in the Composed Kids ranking by her two sisters, mind you. The A-Team led the Dutch royal family and they did it with such poise. They were dressed to impress, too, in Natan. The styles were slight variations on the same theme, giving the girls a touch of individuality. And they too were in blue, true members of the team.

Princess Beatrix
You know what I loved? Beatrix was on the Blue Team, too. Such a lovely message they’re sending there. And blue was a wonderful pick, as it brought out the orders and represented the flag. Not that you’re ever going to get much argument out of me when it comes to a canvas for major sapphires, anyway.

As I said, coming later will be the rest of the guests – but let's give the major players their proper due for now.

Who had your favorite outfit?

UPDATE: And here's the happy family at this evening's water pageant. Máx is yet again hitting it out of the park!

Photos: NOS Screencaps/Jan Taminiau Facebook/RVD