04 April 2013

Tiara Thursday: The Dutch Aquamarine Tiara

The poor Dutch representative in the aquamarine category didn't get much love in the vote for the aquamarine spot in your ultimate tiara collection, but we'll give it some respect here before we move on from our aqua mindset.
The Dutch Aquamarine Tiara
The Dutch Aquamarine Tiara is an Art Deco piece, a style well suited to the charms of aquamarines, I think. The seven briolette cut aquamarines in diamond mounts are the main feature here. They sit upright on a slim base of interlocking diamonds and aquamarines.
Queen Juliana
The tiara from Kempen, Begeer & Vos was an 18th birthday present to Princess Juliana, later Queen Juliana, from her parents, Queen Wilhelmina and Prince Hendrik. The tiara now belongs to the Dutch family foundation along with several other aquamarine and diamond pieces which came from Juliana - gifts she received at various times from various people (her husband, Prince Bernhard; her grandmother, Queen Emma; her mother-in-law, Princess Armgard). There are a few different styles and settings in the bunch, but all the pieces are worn interchangeably with the tiara by multiple family members.
Left to Right: Princess Irene, Queen Beatrix (x2, first as princess), Princess Margriet (x2)
The tiara today is worn by Queen Beatrix, Princess Margriet, and Princess Máxima. It was actually one of Maxima's first tiaras, one of those she wore prior to her marriage.
Princess Máxima
I'm always on the fence about this tiara. Depending on which royal lady wears it and how she does her hair, you may see the base - or you may see floating aquamarine lollipops. And those lollipops do look a little pale to me. That said, I've come to appreciate daintiness in an aquamarine tiara, and I always appreciate a nice stash of accompanying jewels, and this tiara has both.

Where does this rank on your favorite aquamarine tiara list?

P.S.: Several of you asked about the documentary I mentioned in yesterday's post. It is Windsor Castle: A Royal Year, originally called The Queen's Castle in the U.K.

Photos: Stella Pictures/ANP/gahetNA/DutchPhotoPress/PPE