02 April 2013

Weekly Royal Fashion Awards: March 24-30

Best in Is that it, seriously?
Princess Máxima and Princess Mathilde
Mathilde attending the Womed Award presentation; Máxima visiting Bali as part of her U.N. role in inclusive finance
Officially the most boring weeasdf;lkasjdg;lkah;gk

Sorry. Fell asleep on the keyboard. Easter holidays take a toll. More interesting this week are the souvenirs out now for the big abdication/inauguration!
An iPhone cover with Máx's face on it is just what you need to complete your life.

And an Honorable Mention To...
Princess Iman
Princess Iman of Jordan, daughter of the late King Hussein and Queen Noor (and half-sister of the current king, Abdullah) married Ziad Mirza on March 22nd. I didn't know if we'd have time to cover this wedding, but since it was a boring week, we might as well have a little wedding pretty! Doesn't the bride look lovely?

Who did you like last week?

Psst... Did you vote on your ultimate aquamarine tiara yet? Voting will close tonight, and it's a close one!

Photos: Stella/Merdeka/Probadge/Petra