02 May 2013

Event Roundup: The Dutch Inauguration

It's been a month of Dutch fun! Here, our posts focused on the abdication of Queen Beatrix of the Netherlands and the inauguration of King Willem-Alexander:

Pre-Inauguration Features

Reaction to the announcement, plus a look back at past events.

A look at Beatrix's style through the years.

The outfits worn by other current sovereigns when they were enthroned.

A look at the Taminiau looks worn prior to the inauguration.

All tiaras worn by Beatrix through the years.

A pre-event information post, with a few glimpses of past Dutch inaugurations.

All tiaras worn by Máxima through the years.

Inauguration Events

Tiaras and gowns on the guests.

Beatrix officially abdicates, with the main Dutch royal family present.

The outfits worn by the key players at the big event.

A prior in-depth look at the tiara worn by Queen Máxima

Fashion awards for the royal guests. 

A look at the sashes worn by the guests and the men present at the inauguration.

Máxima and other guests at the water pageant and dinner in the evening. Plus, a glimpse of the brunch the day after.

Runway to Royal: The Dutch Inauguration
A round up of identified dress designers from the main events.