08 June 2013

Princess Madeleine’s Wedding: The Royal Family

Princess Madeleine’s immediate family gave us so much to talk about with their royal wedding attire, they get a post of their own!
The King wore the mess dress model 1878 uniform of an admiral in the Swedish Navy, with the Order of the Seraphim sash and star, the star of the Order of Vasa, and the neck badge of the Order of the Sword, plus chest decorations. He walked the bride down the aisle, before they were met by the groom; he did the same with Crown Princess Victoria, and it caused some controversy since fathers walking their daughters down the aisle is not a standard Swedish tradition. But it seemed right here, with so much of the ceremony in English and nods to the culture of the British-American groom.
Since her husband was accompanying the bride, Queen Silvia arrived on the arm of her son, Prince Carl Philip, who was dashing in the mess dress model 1878 of a captain in the Swedish Amphibious Corps with the Order of the Seraphim and other chest decorations. The Queen’s dress was described by the Royal Court as “a jade-coloured dress with a train. The dress is silk organza with embroidered silk lace and Swarovski stones.” With it, she wore Queen Sofia’s/Sophia's Tiara, known around here as the Nine Prong Tiara, or the Pronger, or Sil’s Favorite Party Antlers. Longtime readers know that I don’t have a lot of love for this diadem, but I’ll say this: it did its job today, and was sparkly and grand as can be.

(Though she is not a member of the royal family and attended as a regular guest, I'll also give a shout out to Carl Philip's girlfriend Sofia Hellqvist, who I thought looked lovely and purposefully understated in her lilac frock and gold jewels.)

Crown Princess Victoria arrived with Prince Daniel, in tails and the Order of the Seraphim just like the rest of the family and gamely carrying pacifiers and purses as needed because he’s a solid dude like that, and wee Princess Estelle! Estelle got her own little chair for the service, though she seemed to prefer climbing on various family members. She also got a class in blowing kisses to the bride from her dad. It’s probably a good thing they didn’t try and outfit her in the baby sash she wore at her christening, because that would have truly done me in.
Honestly, Victoria’s dress alone has practically done me in: I’m in love, y’all. The court describes it as “a greige rosé dress with aubergine accents. The dress is made from hand-dyed double-sided silk organza with layers of hand-dyed tulle in three shades, silk threads, Lurex threads, pearls and Swarovski crystals in amethyst and pale grey opal.” It’s been reported to be the work of couture designer Fadi El Khoury. With the gorgeous detailing and dramatic train, it could have been a scene stealer, but the muted color makes sure it doesn’t take away from the bride.
Victoria also wins mega points for her jewels. My guess, and hope, was that she would wear the laurel wreath tiara of the late Princess Lilian, and she did me one better: she wore both the tiara and the diamond necklace which was a favorite of Lilian’s. The necklace is made from a stomacher that belonged to Queen Josephine, which you can tell because it’s a slightly odd shape for the necklace. But this dress must have been made to showcase it, and it works perfectly. A beautiful way to bring Lilian’s memory along. Definitely one of my favorite looks – probably of the whole year.

How did you rate the royal family’s outfits?

Photos: Pool/Scanpix/Getty Images/Reuters